Easy editor Example lists

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1. Default example
2. Insert a custom button in EasyEditor
3. Insert a button and add youtube video in EasyEditor
4. Insert direct image URL in EasyEditor
5. Select a text and wrap it with a HTML tag
6. Select a text and wrap it HTML tag with custom style and class
7. Select a text and add html tag around it with a custom attribute
8. Select a text wrap a block element
9. Upload and insert image into EasyEditor
10. Use fontawesome icon in button html
11. Overwrite default button settings
12. Implementation in form
13. Multiple easy editor in one page / jQuery like calling and chaining
14. Theming easyeditor
15. Dropdown in easy editor (Select a text and change its font family)
16. Destroy easyeditor
16. Character limit in easyeditor